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Guide to the Medical School Admissions Process

Choosing a medical school is one of the most important career decisions you’ll face. At Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), we’re proud of the success of our graduates. With more than 15,000 alumni across the United States and Canada, we’re inspired every day by the difference our graduates are making in the world. 

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Medical School Admissions Requirements

Review our full list of med school admission and prerequisite course requirements.

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You can and should take the MCAT before applying to medical school. The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is an important part of your med school admissions candidate profile. 

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Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

Find out more information about tuition, financial aid, and scholarships available for Ross Med students. 

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How To Apply

Get started on your application today.

Canadian Applicants

Making up about 10% of the student body, Canadian students have earned 70+ competitive residency positions across Canada, and another 590+ in the US since 2011.


Preferred medical school admissions into our MD program is offered to high performing students of our HBCU and HSI partners via our Access and Inclusion in Medicine (AIM) Scholar program.

Career Changers

Whether you’re a teacher or a nurse, a medical lab technician or a computer programmer, Ross can help you take the next step in your journey to an MD degree.

Transfer Applicants

Ross University School of Medicine will consider admitted students who have experience from other medical school programs.

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Ross University School of Medicine Admissions - At Ross, we are proud of the many successes our graduates have achieved and with more than 14,000 alumni across the U.S. and Canada. Apply now!
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