Admissions Overview

Graduating over 15,000 alumni over the past 40 years, we’d like to think we have a strong track record of success.

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The Admissions Process

Our mission is to find individuals with the potential to develop into outstanding physicians.We’ve accepted students from both medical and non-medical backgrounds. Start your journey to becoming an MD.

Admissions Requirements

Review our full list of med school admission and prerequisite course requirements.

Tuition and Fees

Find out more information about tuition, financial aid, and scholarships available for Ross Med Students.

How To Apply

Get started on your Ross University School of Medicine application today.

Get a Personalized MD Program Admissions Report

Wondering how your medical school application stacks up? Complete this quick questionnaire to find out how you can be a successful medical school applicant at Ross Med.

Find your fit at Ross Med

Everyone has a unique journey. Ross Med welcomes US, Canadian, and international applicants to follow your calling and pursue your MD at Ross Med.

I’m a Career Changer

We’ve accepted students from both medical and non-medical backgrounds. Start your journey to becoming an MD.

I’m a Canadian Applicant

Canadian students are eligible for residency training and practice in Canada and the US.

I’m a Transfer Applicant

Ross Med will consider admitted students with experience from other medical school programs.

Additional Resources

Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP)

The Medical Educational Readiness Program (MERP) is offered to promising Ross Med applicants who could benefit from additional academic support and maximize success in medical school. This 15-week online program is designed to help students succeed and prepare for their first-semester curriculum.

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Medical School Information for Parents, Family, and Friends

We know how influential parents, family, and friends are in their student’s lives and are also keenly aware that the idea of attending an international medical school brings with it a whole new set of things to think about, consider, and compare.  Learn more about our Friends and Family guide to medical school for Ross University School of Medicine!

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Information for Pre-Med Advisors

As a pre-med advisor, you want to feel confident sharing programs and pathways to medical education that fit the unique needs of your students. Explore Ross Med’s admissions philosophy, curriculum, student supports, and academic outcomes. 

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