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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Social Justice Commitment

Ross University School of Medicine (Ross Med) is committed to addressing racism and bias in sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, and gender in the fight for social justice. We believe that inequities caused by racism constitute a public health crisis that must be addressed, and we support antiracist initiatives.

We support the broader inclusion of underrepresented and marginalized groups in education and in the medical field. Our TEACH values (Teamwork, Energy, Accountability, Community, and Heart) will be our guide as we embark on the first step in a long journey to achieve cultural diversity in medical care.

In order to ensure that we address our internal environment as well as align to address the external conditions that we can influence, we are making the following commitments:

Our Commitments

To educate ourselves, our faculty, our colleagues, and our students as part of a continuous effort to grow, learn, and change:

  • By Listening: We will create safe spaces for sharing, listening, and engaging in uncomfortable conversations;
  • By Learning: We will confront racism and unconscious bias to address and fight for social justice within our institutions through formal and informal training;
  • By Studying: We will review our academic and non-academic experiences in our institutions to ensure we are training and graduating healthcare professionals that will be a positive influence in the communities they serve with ethnic and racial sensitivity; and
  • By Acting: We will empower our diversity and inclusion committees and other internal organizational groups with time and resources, and then act upon their collective recommendations.

We will continue to hold ourselves and our organization accountable to our mission as well as to these commitments to fight against systemic racism and for social justice. Our intentions are sincere, and we will work in an open, collaborative manner. We also recognize that we will make mistakes and will need to make adjustments along the way.

We invite each of you into the dialogue and welcome your stories. We look forward to you joining us on this journey.

Adtalem is committed to increasing #diversity across the #healthcare workforce. While approximately 80 percent of all U.S. medical schools graduate 10 or fewer Black physicians a year, Adtalem’s institutions graduate more Black physicians—both male and female—than any other U.S. school at more than 100 graduates each year. #NationalHealthEducationWeek #NHEW

Diversity & Inclusion Profiles

Medical Student Jalen Jones

Breaks Through Racist Obstacles

The George Floyd incident catapulted the issue of racism and unfair treatment of Blacks by police. Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) second-semester student Jalen Jones encountered a near identical event in the spring/summer 2019. 

Victoria Loft
Medical Student Victoria Loft

Advocates For LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality

 Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) fourth-semester student Victoria Loft scheduled an appointment for a gynecological issue and remembers being discredited because staff had suspected she was pregnant. 

Leah Miller
Dr. Leah Miller Aims To Boost

The Number Of Practicing Black Women Physicians

Dissatisfied and discouraged with the number of Black women practicing medicine, Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) alumna Leah Miller, MD ’20, is not only bringing awareness to the issue but she’s collaborating with donors to eventually lessen the disparity.