Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP)

MERP is a valuable way to help make your dream of becoming an MD come true.

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Preparing for Medical School

Sometimes, all it takes is someone to believe in your potential—and give you the tools to succeed. MERP is a highly immersive pathway program to Ross Med specifically designed to maximize your success in medical school. Upon successful completion of MERP, students join the next entering Ross Med MD class.

Is MERP Right for You?

MERP is a 15-week online program, providing students with a strong foundation in basic sciences. As a part of MERP, you will receive an exclusive experience with a focus on small group learning and study techniques that can prepare you to be more successful in medical school.

Expand Your Knowledge

Strengthen your foundational principles and skills with course content similar to that found in early semesters of medical school.

Optimize your Study Skills

Develop study and learning techniques critical for the demands of medical school and success at Ross Med.

Build Your Network

Establish a support network of friends and study partners as you prepare to start medical school together.


Contact admissions to learn more about MERP and how you can prepare for success in your medical school application.


Student FAQs

What is MERP?

The Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP) is a 15-week online medical school preparatory program focused on preparing aspiring medical students for success in medical school. MERP is offered to students granted conditional acceptance to Ross University School of Medicine.

What Happens if You Do Not Pass the MERP Program?

Students who do not pass MERP will not be matriculated into Ross Med. However, students who do not successfully complete the program will receive a refund of tuition.*