RUSM Simulation Institute

The Ross University School of Medicine Simulation Institute provides a multifaceted and immersive learning environment, fostering the development of competent and compassionate physicians. Our emphasis on practical skills, patient-centered care, and immediate, constructive feedback equips you with the essential skills and experience to provide safe and effective patient care of the highest quality.

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The mission of the Simulation Institute at Ross University School of Medicine (Ross Med) is to cultivate competent, caring, and reflective physicians using innovative medical simulation methodology.


Our vision is to be an institute of excellence that utilizes simulation to advance the training of competent physicians who are compassionate, self-reflective, ethical, and skilled in communication and patient-centered care.



  • Reinforce basic science concepts through clinical applications.
  • Introduce students to aspects of the eight Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) competencies.
  • Incrementally develop clinical skills such as critical reasoning and medical decision-making.
  • Professionalism and self-development.
  • Interpersonal skills and utilize best practices in medical education supported by continuous improvement through ongoing research.
Simulation Lab

Simulation Center Includes:

  • Advanced, high-fidelity simulation tools: The center includes Laerdal SimMan 3G and Harvey, the heart sound simulator, which offers you a realistic environment for learning and practice. The high-tech mannequin used in a variety of simulated scenarios can display varied vital signs and even respond to treatment, contributing to the authenticity of the simulation.
  • Outpatient Clinic: The center houses fully functioning examination rooms that simulate an actual physician's office where you will develop and refine your history-taking, physical examination, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Procedure Rooms: Multi-purpose spaces for clinical skills training, such as suturing, IV insertion, intubation, central venous line placement, catheterization, and lumbar puncture. Skills training allows you to work at your own pace and master a skill through deliberate practice.
  • Classrooms and laboratory space: for larger group instruction where you will develop work to become competent in physical exam procedures, patient management, clinical skills, and diagnostic reasoning development.

Clinical Skills Exam Lab

Ross Med’s Clinical Skills Exam Lab emphasizes physical examination skills and incorporates the use of standardized patients. Connect your classroom learning with practical, real-world scenarios and develop the skills to deliver outpatient care with time-sensitive needs.


Ross Med Simulation Lab

Mastering Your Skills Through Repetition

In our Clinical Skills Exam Lab, you will master patient care skills in a safe and controlled environment. By repeatedly practicing simulation scenarios with standardized patients-real individuals with a real story- you will hone your decision-making ability and increase your confidence in dealing with actual patients.

  • Learn to solve problems together and develop real-world working relationships.
  • Maximize your learning experience with immediate feedback and debriefing, assessment of skills, and continuous professional development.