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 Founded in 1978, Ross University School of Medicine has been providing students with the foundation they need to pursue successful careers in medicine for over 40 years. The Ross University School of Medicine experience is “Dedita Scientiae Medendi” – dedicated to the science of healing – and we are proud of our rich tradition of preparing students for their life’s work as physicians

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RUSM has more than 15,000+ alumni who are practicing all over the United States and Canada.

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We strive for equity in healthcare

We empower each other to serve our community with an ethical and humanistic perspective

We champion a diverse and collaborative learning environment  with a global outlook

We provide opportunities for exceptional health career outcomes

We foster professional and personal growth, perseverance and resilience



 Ross University School of Medicine Location

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Ross University School of Medicine's campus is located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. Ross students complete their medical sciences curriculum in Barbados. Your clinical rotations - the majority of your training - are completed in the United States at leading teaching hospitals across the country. 



Student Disability Services

Ross University School of Medicine(“RUSM”) is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. RUSM maintains a process for students to use should they wish to request an accommodation.


The first step in the accommodation request process is to contact the Office of Student Disability Services (“OSDS”) at or 855.229.0848.

Students will be provided with an Accommodation Request Form to complete, which requires them to specify the diagnosis that could be a disability for which they are requesting an accommodation. Students must also provide recent (generally no more than five years old) certification and/or documentation from a qualified medical or educational professional that (a) provides a specific diagnosis; and (b) recommends specific accommodations that might be helpful to the student in an academic setting based on the diagnosis. The Accommodation Request Form including supporting documentation, must be submitted to the OSDS.

The request and supporting documentation will be individually reviewed. As part of the interactive process for accommodation requests, students may be asked to request or obtain additional input, including additional supporting documentation, to determine a reasonable and appropriate accommodation. If a student’s request is approved, the OSDS will work with the student and any university personnel (e.g., instructors, test administrators) who will help implement the approved accommodation(s). If the request is denied, the Accommodation Coordinator will, upon the student’s request, engage in dialog with the student to explore potential alternative reasonable accommodation options, if appropriate.

Once accommodations have been implemented, students should continue to work with the OSDS on any accommodation-related needs. If students experience difficulty in implementing or obtaining approved accommodations, they are required to notify the OSDS immediately at or 855.229.0848 for assistance in rectifying the situation as appropriate.

RUSM will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its services, programs, or activities. Students who believe they have been discriminated against due to a disability should contact Adtalem’s Office of Equity and Access at for assistance or to file a complaint. Individuals experiencing harassment or discrimination always have the right to file a formal grievance with government authorities.