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The Ross Advantage: Personalized academic support throughout your medical education.

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Our Goal Is Student Success

As you embark on the journey to become a physician, Ross medical student support will help you reach your goal to pursue a life dedicated to caring for others. We support your success every step of the way.

Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) has been providing students with the foundation they need to pursue successful careers in medicine for over 40 years.

Your First Steps on the Road to Residency: Navigating the Medical Sciences Journey

Ross medical student resources prepare students to become competent and caring physicians by providing a diverse and rich learning environment. The first step on the road to residency begins with the Medical Sciences curriculum. RUSM Academic Resources and Support teams are dedicated to meeting your needs and facilitating your success during your first two years of medical school and throughout your medical education.

Medical school academic support at RUSM ensures each student can meet the challenges of medical school with a holistic approach that enhances both educational success and individual requirements. RUSM addresses the unique learning style of students with personalized support.

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How Does Ross Med Support Medical Sciences Students?   

RUSM Academic Resources and Support teams connect students to resources, services, and programs that include academic advising, special accommodations for disabilities, career and personal counseling, preparation for USMLE Step examinations/ NBME Board examinations, study skills enhancement, and wellness resources.

Supporting You During Your Clinical Semesters

Your time in the Ross Medical clinical department is an exciting time on your path to becoming a physician. Training in our affiliated teaching hospitals provides experiences and interactions that help you transition from medical school student to physician.

Ross medical clinical department students receive medical school academic support from advisory teams to help navigate the challenges of rotations while preparing to enter residency

At Ross, medical student resources are vital to achieving professional success.

How Does Ross Med Support Clinical Students?

Every clinical student has access to a coordinated team of career advisors as well as advisors in each department, just one part of the Ross medical student resources aimed effectively at creating a support hub for students:

  • Care/ Counseling team
  • Student Affairs
  • Clinical advisor(s) 
  • Student Finance advisors (includes Financial Aid)
  • Registrar advisor 
  • Career advisors from the Office of Career Advisement (OCA)
  • Professional Residency Application Writer

To serve the needs of our clinical students, advisory teams are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Department team members can be contacted directly to discuss clinical training progress and direct students to academic and campus resources.

Current Ross clinical students can learn more about how to contact support services and advisors in each department in the student portal

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The Best Resources For Medical Students

Student Resources / Campus Services / Wellness & Counseling

The medical student resources offered at RUSM are not limited to career planning. Our mission is to prepare students to become effective, successful physicians. Student Support Services includes academic advising, mentoring, wellness and counseling, student finance, student organizations, and many other aspects of campus life.

Managing life beyond the classroom makes life in medical school easier, so you can concentrate on your studies. RUSM is committed to providing access to the academic resources and support you need to achieve your educational and professional goals.


The RUSM CARE team advisors have expertise in student affairs, mental and physical health, student conduct, and campus safety. The CARE Team helps students who might be at academic or emotional risk, coordinating possible interventions and resources.


RUSM Wellness & Counseling Center

Ross University School of Medicine’s Wellness & Counseling Center services are free and confidential. A highly trained team of licensed, credentialed, and experienced providers are available to address the personal, academic, and mental health concerns of RUSM students.

Barbados Campus Health Services


Phone: 1-246-245-1622, Monday-Friday,
between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. AST

After Hours Mental Health Emergencies
IN BARBADOS: 1-246-266-3342

Miramar Clinical Campuses


Phone: 754-208-4706 Monday-Friday,
between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST

RUSM Student Support Teams Contact Information

Students may contact our Student Support advising teams directly for any academic or personal needs.

General Support: 1-855-MD-ROSSU

Support Teams Contact Information

General Support: 1-732-509-3041

Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL) 246-627-7947

The ATL supports students to achieve their educational and career goals. The ATL includes Student-Centered Programs, Faculty Development, and Medical Education Research and Scholarship. This office provides pre-matriculation courses, workshops, one-on-one coaching, mind/body/medicine, peer tutoring and the cognitive skills program.

Admissions: 855-637-6778

Students can contact this department with questions related to admissions, applications and admissions requirements.

CARE Team:  

The CARE Team helps students who might be at academic or emotional risk, coordinating possible interventions and resources. Team members have expertise in student affairs, mental and physical health, student conduct and campus safety concerns. 

Clinical Advisement:  (754) 208-4589

Students can contact this department to ask questions about their schedule, make updates or learn about cores and electives.

Clinical Student Affairs: 

The Office of Student Affairs provides high quality student-centered services and programming designed to support the emotional, intellectual, personal and professional growth of our diverse student population. Contact this office for general advising, student conduct, academic accommodations, counseling and wellness programming, and campus life programming.  

Exam Administration: (754) 208-4597

Communicates exam policies, procedures and deadlines to students.

Financial Aid and Advising: (732) 509-3051

Apply for financial aid, review status of loans and document requirements.

Health Insurance:  (732) 509-3051  

The Office of Student Finance at RUSM makes a health insurance plan available to its students, their legal spouses and dependents. Students must either be enrolled in the RUSM sponsored medical plan or prove coverage under another plan.

Hospital Support & Health Documents:  (754) 208-4590 

Appropriate health documentation is important as students complete their medical education journey. Contact Hospital Partnerships for additional information regarding HIPAA, OSHA, TB Prevention, Infection Control, PPE and other health documentation requirements. 


Provides U.S. immigration advisement and documents for international students during their clinical semesters and tracks student immigration compliance. 

IT Help Desk: (877) 366-9388  Available 24/7

Help with email and technical issues, including the Medical Student Portal (MyRoss and Student Community) and password changes.

Residency and Career Advisement:  (754) 208-4593 

Advising for residency preparation and graduated students for post-graduate professional guidance.

This office includes Career Development, Licensing and Credentialing, and Writing.

Licensing, Credentialing and Records:  (754) 208-4596

Responsible for the accuracy and integrity of the student record. Provides verification and credentialing services to assist students and alumni with their educational, state licensure and employment needs. Verifies enrollment and historical data.

Office of Student Affairs: 

The Office of Student Affairs is a comprehensive academic support program designed to increase performance, as well as advise and help students with general problem solving. Our office will help facilitate a student's transition and integration into the academic and social environment of RUSM, help to enhance their academic performance and foster personal growth and independence.  

Contact us if you need: 

  • general troubleshooting 

  • advice and guidance as you transition into medical school and RUSM

  • advice and guidance with educational and career issues 

  • help with personal issues that impact your RUSM experience 

  • assistance with general campus concerns 

  • assistance with withdrawal or leave of absence concerns 

  • assistance with information and transitioning for life beyond medical sciences  

Registrar:  (754) 208-4591 

Review degree requirements, requests for approved absences, change your address, view holds and learn how to download forms. 

USMLE Prep Review Programs / Kaplan:  

USMLE Step 1 Study Plan and Advising: