Man speaking with student in office
Man speaking with student in office

Student Finance

Student Finance Resources

The Office of Student Finance provides financial resources to eligible students to enable you to pursue your educational goals. The Office of Student Finance also assesses and collects tuition and fees, administers the student health insurance plan by assessing health insurance fees, processes health insurance waivers, and acts as a liaison between students and the health insurance provider. Review our student finance resources below to help prepare you for your medical school education

Ross Medical School Payment Options

Electronic Check (ACH) and Credit Card Payments can be paid by Financial Payment Gateway. Access this system directly through My Ross Med.

Wire Transfer

Transfer to Ross University

For international payments Ross University School of Medicine has partnered up with PayMyTuition by MTFX.

PayMyTuition is simple and easy to use. Simply choose your preferred payment method - bank transfer or credit card - and receive detailed instructions.

Follow the step by step instructions to begin your transfer. Please ensure to make your payment before the transfer date.

Make a payment to Ross University School of Medicine.

Additional Information on PayMyTuition by MTFX:

By Mail
  • Make check, money order, or traveler's check payable to "Ross University"
  • Payments must be in US dollars and drawn on a US bank
  • Checks should be sent to:


RUSM (Barbados) Inc.

PO Box 74007512

Chicago, IL 60674-7512


Overnight Address:

Bank of America Lockbox Services

RUSM (Barbados) Inc 7512

540 W. Madison, 4th Floor

Chicago, IL 60661

Medical School Health Insurance

RUSM requires all students to have health insurance coverage while enrolled at the university. The Office of Student Finance at RUSM makes a health insurance plan available to its students, their legal spouses and dependents. Students must either be enrolled in the university-sponsored medical plan or prove coverage under another plan.

Coverage dates can change year to year, please contact the Office of Student Finance for coverage dates. The coverage year is broken into three (3) trimesters for the purpose of billing.

The billing periods are as follows:

  • Billed in July/August: Coverage for August 27 through December 31
  • Billed in November/December: Coverage for January 1 through April 28
  • Billed in March/April: Coverage for April 29 through August 25

The insurance rate is $1,306 is charged each registered semester for the 2023-2024 plan year.  Insurance rates include an administration fee.

Roughly five (5) weeks prior to the start of these periods you will be billed for your coverage. Insurance charges will appear on your account as a separate item titled “Health Insurance”. Account summaries may be obtained by logging into My Ross Med. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the insurance enrollment or waiver information is current.

School Health Insurance FAQ

Student Enrollment

Students are automatically enrolled in the coverage once they are billed for their first semester of tuition and are responsible for those insurance charges unless they provide a valid insurance waiver during the open waiver period (August 15 - September 30). Please be sure to verify your enrollment status at the start of each billing period. Insurance for all registered students will continue to be charged until the student officially graduates or is permanently withdrawn from the University.

Waiving Coverage

Continuing students (which includes students returning from leave), may waive coverage only once per year during the open waiver period which is from August 15 to September 30.

Students who have their own coverage, or are covered by a parent or spouse’s insurance plan may waive the university-sponsored insurance during the open waiver period only as stated above. Basic science students and all clinical students who elect to waive the school-sponsored health insurance plan must fill out an electronic waiver form by logging onto Aetna Student Health.

Once a waiver is applied to a student’s account, the waiver remains in effect until the following August or until a student requests to be reinstated in the University-sponsored insurance plan. Continuing student waivers will be accepted at the start of the annual coverage period (August 15) up until the waiver deadline (September 30).  Waivers received after the deadline cannot be accepted.  Incomplete or late waivers received by Aetna Student Health will not be processed and students will be billed insurance for the remainder of the academic year (August to August).

Important: New students are automatically enrolled in the Aetna health plan once they are billed for their first semester of tuition and are responsible for those insurance charges unless they provide valid insurance waiver during the open waiver period. Your next opportunity to waive will be the following August.


  • If you are a new enrollment for the September semester, you have from August 15 to September 30 to request a waiver of the insurance.
  • If you are a new enrollment for the January semester, you have from December 15 to January 30 to request a waiver of the insurance.
  • If you are a new enrollment for the May semester, you have from April 15 to May 30 to request a waiver of the insurance.
Reinstatement Coverage

Students who have previously waived the university-sponsored insurance must do so by submitting an electronic reinstatement form available by logging into myRoss. Students must file reinstatement requests in a timely manner to avoid any gaps or lapses in insurance coverage.

Spouse and Dependent Enrollment

At the beginning of each coverage period, students, at their own cost, may elect additional coverage for their legal spouse and/or dependent(s). For this additional coverage, students must fill out the online Enrollment Form available from Aetna Student Health. All premiums for spouse or dependent coverage must be made directly to Aetna Student Health. For further information on spouse and dependent coverage, including application due dates please visit the Aetna Student Health website or call 1-877-381-3551.

Other Insurance Information

You are highly encouraged to create an Aetna Navigator account to easily access your personal information, print and request ID cards and review your claims.  Students can also enroll in voluntary term life insurance, dental discount programs for an additional cost at  There are health programs such as vision discounts and gym discounts available. 

For information on claims, coverage benefits, or to obtain a new insurance card please contact Aetna Student Health at 1-877-381-3551.

For information on emergency evacuation services and other travel benefits, please visit On Call International.

Still have questions?

Contact the Office of Student Finance at 732-509-3051or