Lennon Bhagwandin

Mr. Lennon Bhagwandin is currently the Director of the Academic Enhancement Program (AEP) at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at RUSM Dominica. Lennon joined Ross University’s CTL team in fall 2012, and brings several years of regional and international professional experience having worked in Texas, New York, Canada, Grenada, Guyana and the Cayman Islands. He most recently lectured at UCCI in the Cayman Islands, and was also a past lecturer at TAMCC Community College and St. Georges University in Grenada, where he grew up. Lennon holds a Master’s of Science Degree from Texas Tech University, and his background in higher education and knowledge of the basic sciences is being used to develop and expand the offerings of CTL- such as the AEP program, interviews, workshops, cognitive skills sessions, ELLS and ecollege.