Marc Bergeron

Dr. Bergeron obtained his Ph. D. degree in Microbiology-Immunology from Laval University, Québec, Canada, where he worked on the modulation of mouse macrophage interferon-gamma-mediated functions by Trypanosoma cruzi. Following his doctoral work, Dr. Bergeron joined the Laboratory of Human Immunoretrovirology, in Québec City, to study HIV-1/Trypanosoma cruzi co-infection and its effects on human primary dendritic cell and macrophage immune functions. Prior to his Ph. D. degree, Dr. Bergeron obtained a M. Sc. in Environmental Sciences studying the evolution and community structures of parasites (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières) and did some work on the biological control of insects (Unité des Systèmes Vectoriels - Institut Pasteur de Paris).

Dr. Bergeron has been teaching medical virology and immunology for Ross University School of Medicine since January 2008. His current research interests include public health work as well as the use of team-based learning as a tool for remediation.


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