Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP) and Ross University School of Medicine

The Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP) is a 15-week medical school preparatory program focused on preparing aspiring medical students for success in medical school. MERP is offered to students who have been granted conditional acceptance to Ross University School of Medicine.

MERP's mission has two components:

  • Provide students from diverse backgrounds with additional academic preparation to foster their success in medical school
  • Help determine the readiness of these students to meet the demands of a fast-paced and rigorous medical school curriculum like the one at Ross

Enrollment in the MERP program for applicants to Ross

Students applying to Ross will have their files reviewed by the school's Admissions Committee as part of the application process. The Admissions Committee of Ross may grant an applicant conditional acceptance to the university, contingent upon the student's successful completion of MERP, if the Admissions Committee believes that an applicant might benefit from strengthening his or her foundation in the medical sciences before starting as a first semester Ross medical student.

Reasons to consider MERP if referred by Ross

MERP is designed to prepare students to succeed at Ross by:

  • Helping students build a strong foundation of basic sciences
  • Helping students adjust to the demands of medical school and develop the study and learning techniques critical to succeeding at Ross
  • Providing students with an opportunity to build strong social networks among fellow students that contribute to their success at Ross

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Important MERP details for Ross applicants

  • The MERP program is held in Miramar, Florida, just a few miles outside Miami and convenient to airports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.
  • MERP is available to students in Canada, who participate in the program at a location in Toronto.
  • Three 15-week MERP programs are held each year, commencing in April, August, and December, to allow students who successfully complete the program to matriculate into the next entering class at Ross.
  • Students cannot apply directly to MERP. Students must be granted conditional acceptance to Ross and be referred to MERP in order to participate in the program.

No-Risk MERP Fee Policy

We believe that MERP is an excellent investment to help students prepare to succeed in medical school. Therefore MERP has a no-risk fee policy: students who do not successfully complete the program will receive a refund of the full program fee.* This policy applies to all MERP students who do not achieve passing grades, regardless of whether they complete the program or withdraw early.

* Students who have taken out a private loan will have their tuition refunded back to the loan provider. 


Current and Upcoming MERP Program Dates

  • December 2016: December 5, 2017 - March 28, 2018
  • April 2017: April 17, 2018 - July 25, 2018

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