the ross university school of medicine scholarship program


Each year, Ross awards thousands of dollars to help aspiring doctors offset the cost  of their medical education.

Scholarships fall into two groups:

Awarded by Selection

All applicants who meet the criteria for admission to Ross will be considered for all available scholarships. No additional forms or scholarship applications are required, and applicants will be considered based on documentation provided as part of their medical school application. These scholarships are:

Awarded by Application

To be considered for the following scholarships, you will need to complete a brief scholarship application, which is located on the individual page for that award.

Please direct all questions about scholarships to

Basic Scholarship and Award Eligibility

The Ross Scholarship Committee will review the qualifications of each applicant. Award recipients must meet the criteria for admission to Ross, submit an application for admission, and meet the specific criteria set for each scholarship award. Students may also be required to meet additional requirements.

General Scholarship and Award Policies

  • Recipients are responsible for all other educational expenses.
  • Scholarship and award recipients are expected to meet the continuing eligibility criteria outlined for the scholarship or award, remain in good academic standing, and progress in a timely manner toward completing their MD degree in order to retain scholarship or award eligibility.
  • Transfer students, re-admitted students, and graduates of Ross University School of Medicine are not eligible for Ross scholarships or awards unless specified within specific criteria.
  • MERP students advancing to Ross for the first semester are only eligible for the MERP Scholar Award, and will not be reviewed for other scholarships.
  • Scholarship applications, where required, must be received prior to the start of classes. Award recipients who do not start in their intended term specified on their application for admission to Ross will have their award expired.
  • To qualify for scholarship or award funds, students must maintain continuous enrollment on a semester basis. Students will have a scholarship or award period that will begin at the start of the student's enrollment and continue for the number of consecutive semesters specified in the specific criteria. Students must maintain full time enrollment status throughout their entire scholarship or award period.

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