At Ross University School of Medicine, our mission is to prepare highly dedicated students to become effective, successful physicians. The key words in this statement are “dedicated” and “successful.” Ross' three-week, online pre-matriculation course has been developed to help prepare you for success.    

The complimentary course, delivered through eCollege® and the New Student Portal, is meant to be informative and fun.  We’re very confident that you’ll find participating beneficial: when you arrive in Dominica you’ll be better prepared for the island, you’ll have knowledge of the curriculum that awaits you, and you’ll also be equipped with resources to help you succeed at Ross.

New students can log in to the prematriculation course through the New Student Portal.

The purpose of the course is to:

  • Prepare you to ‘hit the ground running’ you when you arrive in Dominica
  • Familiarize you with the island and the Ross curriculum
  • Help you gain lifelong learning skills needed to be successful at Ross and throughout your journey to become a practicing physician

The course components are:

  • A daily dose of anatomy and biochemistry
  • Daily activities to help you acquire important skills needed to be successful at Ross
  • Weekly challenges that will allow you to improve your critical thinking and explicit reasoning skills - both essential skills of medical doctors
  • Discussion forums
  • Weekly Twitter® chats to share information with your future classmates
  • "Live" Online Meeting featuring Q&A with faculty and  junior faculty

The daily assignments and resources through eCollege will attribute to your medical school success.