School of Medicine

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems II

This block includes two organ systems-based modules: The Cardiovascular System module, part II, is focused on understanding the nature, patho-physiology, clinical presentation, and management of the common diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels. Many disciplines contribute to the module including behavioral sciences, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology and clinical medicine. The module integrates the basic biomedical sciences of cardiovascular anatomy, physiology, and general pathology with the clinical disciplines of cardiology and internal medicine. A significant proportion of the module learning activities are multidisciplinary clinical correlations, hospital visits, PBL and simulation sessions. Use of standardized patients and Harvey simulations will reinforce initial learning of diagnostic skills in cardiology, and internal and emergency medicine. The Respiratory System module, part II, emphasizes learning related to common upper respiratory tract and pulmonary diseases, including those of developmental, infectious, and neoplastic origin. The module presents lecture-based learning in pathology, microbiology and pharmacology to support understanding of patient presentations. Clinical presentations common to respiratory diseases are explored, and students will work with a simulated patient. The module concludes with an interdisciplinary case-based active learning session which will facilitate integration of basic science, clinical presentation and clinical competencies.




Carribean Medical School