The Center for Teaching and Learning:
Maximizing Students’ Potential for Medical School Success

The basic sciences portion of medical school poses a major test of a student’s determination, endurance, and overall mettle. Students are challenged to master a large body of content in an accelerated timeframe and perform well on high-stakes exams. Medical school success depends on more than just intelligence—top-performing students, the ones who really excel, combine intellectual prowess with good study habits and test-taking skills. 

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Ross University School of Medicine was created to help students maximize their potential for academic success. Leveraging advanced technology and progressive adult-learning techniques, this voluntary resource is designed to enhance students’ study skills, familiarize them with the many campus student support resources, and instill in our students the concept of lifelong learning beyond medical school.

The CTL is available to assist students who are at risk of academic difficulty, as well as those who are performing well academically but want to take advantage of any resource that could help them do even better. Some students learn strategies to reduce test anxiety or achieve a more positive work/life balanceothers may need to sharpen their time-management skills, improve their study habits, or familiarize themselves with the resources available through the school's learning management system.

Leveraging Innovative Brain-Based Learning Techniques

Working in small groups, and one-to-one with CTL teaching faculty, students can learn the tools they need to help enhance their academic performance. Dedicated CTL faculty utilize a wide variety of research-based teaching techniques to support students, leveraging cognitive neuroscience and brain-based learning theories to coach students on ways to become more effective and efficient during medical school

CTL faculty also introduce students to different types of educational software and technology, create concept maps and flash cards, and provide students with other resources to help enhance learning habits.

Academic Support Starts on Day One of Medical School

Students are first introduced to the CTL and all that it offers at new-student orientation. First-semester students also meet CTL faculty, and/or faculty from various departments, for personal consultations in the first weeks of the semester.

This is followed by the Academic Enhancement Program—a mandatory program component that offers students even more support. The CTL faculty reaches out individually to any student who earns below a C+ on the semester’s first mini exam to offer support and guidance on how to enhance his or her academic performance.

The CTL is located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center.

The information above is current as of 3/23/2016.