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Alumni Document Requests

Find answers to the most common alumni questions, including licensure, transcript requests, diploma reprints, and more! All information can be found in this section and accessed or submitted online. If you find you need additional assistance, please call us at 754-707-5549 or email RUSMalumni@rossu.edu.

Document Requests

Transcript & Duplicate or Replacement Diploma Request


Transcript requests are fulfilled through Parchment Exchange, a leading company in secure transcript delivery. Parchment Exchange manages processing and delivery; the school retains the official transcript data.* Click below to request your transcript: 

Transcript Fees** 

Electronic Transcripts: ($0) Complimentary  

Paper Transcripts: ($0) Complimentary 

Duplicate or Replacement 

Requests for duplicate or replacement diplomas can also be ordered via Parchment. RUSM does charge a fee for a duplicate or replacement diploma. 

Please note that this is the large, formal copy versus the certified copy that is mainly for degree confirmation. Requesters should include a physical address (no PO Boxes) where the diploma can be sent, as well as their signature. 

Visit Parchment Exchange  

For assistance ordering your transcript through Parchment, please visit the Parchment Help Center

*Parchment Exchange is FERPA compliant and follows federal regulations for the privacy of educational records.

**For Paper Transcripts, alumni may be assessed shipping fees. These fees are subject to change.

EFDO (ERAS Fellowships Documents Office) Transcript & MSPE Requests

To request a Transcript and/or MSPE (formerly Dean’s Letter) to be sent through MIDUS for your fellowship provided to the ERAS Fellowships Document Office (EFDO)Online Services

Applies for transcript and MSPE requests only: 

  1. Log in to MyERAS and select “Additional Documents” from the Documents section. 
  2. Click EFDO On-line Services, at the bottom of the “Additional Documents” page. 
  3. Once your EFDO On-line Services page loads, click MIDUS Request at the top. 
  4. Once you have carefully read the disclosures, check the box next to “I have read and accept the above disclosures.” and click Continue. 
  5. Read the instructions and click New Document Request. 
  6. Select which document type you are requesting (MSPE or medical school transcript). 

Please Note: You must submit a separate request for each document type you would like uploaded through MIDUS. 

  1. Enter the following contact information for RUSM:   
    1. OCA Administrative Coordinator 
    2. Victoria Mongston 
      1. Office of Career Advisement - Writing 
      2. 10315 USA Today Way, Miramar, Florida, 33025
      3. oca@rossu.edu 
      4. (754) 208-4593 

Please note: It is very important to enter the correct contact information so your school receives your email request and EFDO can contact the institution, if necessary. 

  1. Enter any comments or special instructions for RUSM. 
  2. Carefully check the information you supplied and click Submit. This will send the email request to RUSM. 
  3. If your request was submitted successfully, you will see a confirmation page.  
  4. Click OK on this page to return to the request homepage. 

Complete these steps for each document type you would like to request.

General instructions are also provided on the EFDO website

If you should need further assistance, please contact the Office of Career Advisement - Writing

Licensure & Certified Copy of Diploma Requests

All these requests are handled by the Office of Licensing, Credentialing, and Records. LC&R requests by mail, fax, or as a scanned email attachment.  

Each request is required to include a handwritten signature. 

All requests include the graduate's name, date of birth, graduation year, previous name (if applicable), and the recipient information for the documents, as well as contact info for the grad (phone #, email).  

Licensure forms that RUSM must complete can be submitted by mail, fax, or email. Forms requiring applicant signature must be completed and signed before forwarding to RUSM for completion 

All forms are typically processed within 3-5 business days. If there are any problems or further documentation needed, LC&R will notify you, otherwise you will be emailed once your licensure forms are processed. 

Office of Licensing, Credentialing & Records
Ross University School of Medicine 
10315 USA Today Way,
Miramar, Florida, 33025
Phone: 754-208-4596 
Fax: (754) 208-4745
Email: LCR@RossU.edu 

Name Change Request Form

Please send download and complete the form below and return along with one of the listed documentation required by email LCR@rossu.edu or mail using the address provided on the sheet:  

  • Marriage License
  • Court Order
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Other

Name Change Request Form