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Paul   Leslie

Assistant Professor, Academy of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Paul Leslie brings a global perspective to his work in Education from his experiences in teaching and learning in various countries around the world. He has taught at all levels from K-12, to college, undergraduate, and master’s level programs. These experiences provide inspiration for his Philosophy of Education - “Education is a community affair”. In turn, his philosophy has inspired practical approaches to teaching and learning in classrooms across a variety of faculties.

Although from Canada, Dr. Leslie has spent time with the School of Business at Western Sydney University in Australia where he was a curriculum advisor. During this time, he advised on curriculum mapping for undergraduate, Master’s and PhD level programming, and spent considerable time in classrooms at all levels advising on teaching, learning and assessment strategies. He also collaborated on several research projects around the use of educational strategies in Business. Dr. Leslie spent many years in the United Arab Emirates where he taught research methods, educational technology, curriculum and syllabus design, classroom management, and supervised capstone internships and research projects for undergraduate Education students.

Dr. Leslie completed his PhD in Educational Sciences with the Vrije University of Brussels in association with the Taos Institute. In building towards his terminal degree, he also completed a BA Honours, BEd, MA, and Med. His research in the social construction of knowledge is grounded in the use of technologies such as social and new media to communicate with each other, and in the use of tools such as portfolios to demonstrate our work and to ‘make our thinking visible’ to each other in order to create a better mutual understanding of our world.

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