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Kevin   Watson MSc.

Instructor, Academy for Teaching and Learning

Kevin Watson holds an MSc. in Applied Professional Studies in Lifelong Learning/Adult learning from the UK. He has a comprehensive understanding of adult learning, educational program development, and curriculum design.

Kevin has 15 years of higher education teaching experience combined with 25 years of leadership experience in adult and youth program development. At the tertiary level, he has successfully taught in content areas that include self-regulating learning, professionalism, communication skills, cultural studies, sport marketing, and employability. From a mentorship perspective, he has successfully designed and implemented small group sessions, workshops, one-to-one coaching, and guided discussion-based classroom teaching for medical students, law students, pre-service teachers, linguistics majors, and business majors within a professional learning community model. In addition, Kevin has designed faculty development and curriculum design workshops for medical education, law education, teacher development, technology, and ESL curriculum. For the past year, Kevin has been involved in course design, academic coaching, mentorship, reflective learning workshop development, motivation and visualization skills, and professionalism development.

Overall, from a lifelong learning perspective, Kevin has a keen interest in working with students and coaching them to become reflective practitioners of their own learning process. Kevin’s educational philosophy is constructivist in theory, differentiated in design, and workshop oriented in application.

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