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The facility’s most significant feature is the expansive, clinical learning laboratories. The new campus is designed to provide a contemporary learning environment that will prepare today’s medical students to meet the complex needs of their future patients.

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    Medical Sciences Campus Grand Opening Recap


Anatomy & Radiology Imaging Lab:

Students are taught with and have access to medical imaging technology, including touchscreen monitors and digital anatomy tables to easily review Anatomical and Radiologic images. They view normal and abnormal pathology and utilize diagnostic images to review clinical cases for a thorough and engaged clinical anatomy and radiology classroom experience. They evaluate medical images, such as MRIs, X-rays and CT Scans, and develop the skills to determine the diagnosis and type of treatment a patient needs.

SIMulation Labs:

With rooms replicating a typical hospital setting, each space will be equipped with current medical technologies and Human Patient Simulators to help prepare students to provide quality and competent care. Students will be able to imitate complex, real-life patient scenarios, enhancing their clinical reasoning, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Exam Rooms:

Each of the exam rooms will be designed to replicate the out-patient setting, fully equipped to mimic contemporary exam rooms. These simulations involving standardized patients will be designed to teach and evaluate students’ history taking, examination, and communication skills.

Physiology Lab:

Fully equipped with an array of progressive human research technologies, this innovative lab will be dedicated to actively exploring the physiological function and regulation of major organ systems and their components in the human body.

Pathology Lab:

Featuring a contemporary microscopy lab, students will have access to microscope demonstrations and evaluation tests. They will be able to analyze prepared bodily fluids and tissue slides, further developing their working knowledge in chemistry, clinical microbiology, hematology and molecular pathology.

** Medical Lab equipment will be available, aligning with the Medical Sciences curriculum.


Your home during Medical Sciences is a contemporary residential community with modern conveniences and amenities right outside your door. The casitas include private bedrooms and shared living spaces – including a kitchen furnished with new appliances, living room, dining area and your own landscaped outdoor yard.


A fresh grocery store located on residential grounds contains many of your favorite brands from home and garden-fresh local produce; specialty products are readily available, including gluten-free, allergen friendly & organic options. Also, local shopping abounds in surrounding areas.



A modern gym equipped with exercise machines and group classes, a soccer field, a basketball court and tennis courts in the community offers endless wellness opportunities. A medical center and pharmacy ensures quality healthcare is readily available.


Modern Amenities:

On village grounds, you will also find a day care, restaurants and salons for your convenience. Local tourist destinations, places of worship, a variety of chain stores and restaurants with accessible transportation to campus and surrounding areas, keep your daily life hassle free.



The RUSM Bus System will provide transportation to and from campus and other designated areas of the island. There is a parking garage on campus will have spaces dedicated for RUSM staff and students.


From white sand beaches to colonial style buildings in Bridgetown, Barbados is full of natural and man made attractions.

A Unique Culture:

Settled by the English in 1620s and gaining independence in 1966, Barbados offers a distinct culture deeply rooted in a mixture of English, Scottish, Irish and African heritages. Virtually everyone on the island speaks English and the cultural mix is most evident in the traditional music of the tuk band, a combination of Scottish fife and African drum and their creole inspired cuisine.


Island Charm:

Barbados is 24 miles long and 14 miles wide and completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the only coral island with gorgeous, all white sand beaches. Barbados also offers its own 7 natural wonders to explore.



The average daily temperature is about 80˚F with cooling, coastal North-East trade-winds from the Atlantic Ocean.


Fun Fact:

The name Barbados is derived from the Bearded Fig Trees once abundant on the island.


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