Emily Shay
Mental-Health Awareness Remains Critical During Pandemic

As we battle another wave of COVID-19 infections, Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) alumna Emily Shay, MD, advises people to change everyday habits, and urges fellow physicians to practice self-care to sustain pace in this grueling medical environment.
Road to Residency mobile hero image
Value of Mind-Body Medicine — Self-Care Equals Better Patient Care

As future healers of those suffering from physical, mental and emotional turmoil, it has never been more imperative for medical students to practice mindfulness and incorporate wellness into their daily routine. The medical brag sheet of pulling double shifts, fibbing about the

Katie Angelova
Dr. Katie Angelova Believes the Pandemic Offers a Chance to Break the Mental Health Stigma

The global public health crisis has besmirched much of 2020 — saturating many with loss, dire health scares, limited gatherings and canceled vacations. But, to be fair, it’s also allowed quality family time, nature walks and, perhaps most importantly, the start of uncomfortable conversations — about racial tensions, healthcare inequities and the importance of mental health.