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Tips For Med School Clinical Experience

Clinical rotations are one of the most exciting periods of your medical education experience. RUSM offers tips on how to transition into this phase with confidence and ace your clinical experience!

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Residency Interview Tips

One stage that many students fear is the interview process. How should you prepare for a residency interview, and what steps can you take to ensure you present yourself in the best possible light? The following will walk you through key residency interview tips so that you can walk through the door with confidence.

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What To Expect Your First Week At a Caribbean Medical School

For many incoming students, the period between getting accepted into med school and starting your first semester can seem endless. You’ve read plenty about the school you’re planning to attend and its curriculum, but there are still some looming questions: what will your first week at a Caribbean medical school be like? What to expect at a Caribbean medical school as a new student?

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Want to know the answers to frequently asked questions about the MCAT? RUSM details MCAT FAQs to help you prepare before your exam.

Best Caribbean Medical Schools
Best Caribbean Medical Schools: How to Choose

Students interested in becoming a physician know that going to medical school is the first big step. Finding the best possible medical school—or the best personal fit—can be a difficult process. There are many options to consider, and many factors that influence those options.