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Is a Career as an Eye Doctor right for you?
Is a Career As An Eye Doctor Right For You?

If you are interested in becoming an eye doctor, you will first need to decide what kind of eye doctor you want to be. The two types of eye doctors to choose between are an optometrist vs ophthalmologist. Or if you want to work with those doctors and with people who need eyesight correction, then you may consider a career as an optician.

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What To Include In Your Medical School Personal Statement

One of the most integral parts of the medical school application is your medical school personal statement. Your med school personal statement is an essential tool to sell yourself, and shows your potential beyond your MCAT and GPA scores. It provides a vital opportunity to demonstrate your passion for medicine and showcase the experiences and skills that would make you a great physician.

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Balancing Medical School: How to Manage a Social Life and Perform in Class

There’s no doubt that medical school requires a massive commitment. Sometimes you’ll feel like there’s more than you can possibly cover and not enough hours in the day. When looking at the amount of study time involved, many students ask, “Can you have a life in medical school besides studying?” The answer is yes, and this guide can help you find the way!

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What Makes a "Good Bedside Manner" Doctor?

Becoming a physician doesn’t guarantee a good bedside manner. Doctor bedside manner involves developing an interpersonal style that enhances effective patient care. Positive impressions with patients really do matter and can lead to improved patient outcomes. Healthcare providers are becoming more aware of the importance of cultivating patient- centered care and the many benefits this approach offers both patients and healthcare professionals. 

What Is a Neurologist?

If you are curious about the nervous system and how the mind and body work together, then you may consider a career as a neurologist. You may be wondering what is a neurologist? A neurologist is a doctor specially trained in finding, preventing, and treating disorders of the nervous system.


If you are interested in helping children, then you may consider a career as a pediatrician. What is a pediatrician exactly? A pediatrician is a doctor specially trained in the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of disorders in infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatricians care for the physical health of children as well as their emotional and social health. 

What Is An Anesthesiologist? Roles & Responsibilities

If you want to have a crucial role in perioperative care, then you may consider a career as an anesthesiologist—a doctor specially trained in the administration of anesthetics during surgery, childbirth, and other medical procedures.

White Coat Ceremony: First Step on the Path to MD

The White Coat Ceremony marks the official entry of RUSM students into medical school. The ceremony commemorates the start of a medical student’s journey to become a doctor. At RUSM, we hold three white coat ceremonies annually to welcome incoming students in the fall, spring, and summer.