Checking the Pulse: a Podcast for Aspiring Medical Students

From an in-depth review of our MD program, to unravelling the secrets of the medical school application process, tune in for insider tips, personal experiences, and expert advice that will help you navigate the challenging path towards pursuing a career in medicine. 

Student Studying at Desk

Ross Medical School Admissions 


Dreaming of becoming a physician? Let us guide you through the steps of this transformative journey as you embark on the path to earning your MD degree. 

RUSM and the Application Process

Ross Med's Application Process

In this premed podcast episode, one of our Assistant Director of Admissions describes the application process from submitting your application, to getting the final decision and the support throughout the transition. We talk about pre-requisites, GPA, MCAT and term starts.

RUSM for Canadians

Ross Med for Canadian Students

This episode is entirely dedicated to our Canadian applicants! Meet the Director of Admissions in Canada, Tom Harkness, who covers the differences in the application process, interviews, campus life for Canadian students, clinical rotations and the differences in applying for the US and Canadian residency programs.

MERP podcast

Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP)

The Medical Education Readiness Program (MERP) is a 15-week medical school preparatory program focused on preparing premed students for success in medical school.

MD vs DO

MD vs DO

MD or DO? In this episode, one of our grads discusses the differences and similarities between a Medical Doctor and a Doctor of Osteopathy, and why she chose her path.

Crushing Your Med School Interview

Crushing Your Med School Interview

The personal interview is an important part of the application process at RUSM, where we get to learn a bit more about the applicants. Every year, we conduct approximately 2200 interviews. Regional Director for the East Region, Jeff Weisberger, shares some advice on how to crush your med school interview.



Student Life at Ross Med 


From fostering your wellbeing to equipping you with effective study strategies, we are dedicated to ensuring your growth and achievement throughout your medical education. Explore student life at Ross Med and get an inside look at our academic support services, student clubs, wellness, and more. 

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Student Support Services at Ross Med

In this episode, we focus on Student Support Services - a team dedicated to your success. They oversee academic advising, mentoring, wellness and counseling, student finance, student organizations, and many other aspects of campus life.

Academy for Teaching and Learning podcast img

Our Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL)

Academic support is a major focus at Ross University School of Medicine. In this episode, we talk about the Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL) and all the activities they offer, such as pre-matriculation courses, workshops, one-on-one coaching, mind/body/medicine, peer tutoring and the cognitive skills program.

Student Engagement podcast img

Student Engagement at Ross Med

We often get asked about student engagement and campus life while living in Barbados. In this episode, we hear more about our Office of Student Affairs and its role from the time students arrive at the airport, through events, clubs, and community connections.

match Day podcast img

Match Day: How Residency Matching Works at Ross Med

The path to receiving your medical degree at Ross University School of Medicine (Ross Med) is exactly the same as those of US medical schools. In this episode, Future Doctors Alyson Morgan and Kayla Blanchard talk about how Residency MATCH works and their personal experience.

Life After Ross Med: Alumni Stories 


Discover what it takes to pursue medicine and gain invaluable insights from those who have come before you. From plastic surgeons, to psychiatrists, and everything in between, our alumni success stories that will leave you in awe of the endless possibilities within the world of healthcare. 

Plastic Surgery podcast img

Pursuing Plastic Surgery: What You Need to Know

Plastic surgery is a highly competitive surgical specialty. It can be a reconstruction or an alteration of the body, for the purpose of rebuilding or improving a function, or cosmetic for improving physical appearance. Dr. Sola Fasusi,'10 shares his experiences preparing for the MCAT, studying for med school, and his residency training.

sports medicine podcast img

Pursuing Sports Medicine: What You Need to Know

Sports medicine is a specialty that focuses on physical fitness, treatment, and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. In this episode, we chat with RUSM alum Dr. Irvin Sulapas,'10 about his experience as a Sports Medicine Doctor.

hemopathology podcast img

Ross Med and Hematopathology

Hematopathology or hemopathology is the study of diseases and disorders in blood cells, that affect their production, and any organs and tissues. This is a subspecialty of pathology that focuses on cancerous and non-cancerous conditions. In this episode Fellow Physician and RUSM alumnus  Dr. Olumide Odeyemi,'16 shares his journey through his medical education.