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RUSM Alumni Association

The mission of the RUSM Alumni Association is to support Ross University School of Medicine in realizing its vision to be a premiere institution of academic health programs; provide advocacy and goodwill on behalf of the University within local, national and international medical communities and the public; and promote fellowship among the alumni, faculty, and students of the University.


Dear Rossies,

It is with a great sense of pride that I write this note to you as I complete my tenure as the president of the RUSM Alumni Council.  What a crazy couple of years it has been!  RUSM has faced more challenges and transitions over these past couple of years than it has over the past 40.  We survived the devastations of Hurricane Maria, were evacuated off of Dominica under the cover of gunships, moved onto a ferryboat, temporarily relocated to Knoxville, TN, and now settled on the island of Barbados.  Most would have crumbled, but not us! We are, as we’ve always been, survivors.  We have all experienced various degrees of mishaps and setbacks during our experiences at RUSM. But I take my hat off to the students who experienced these past couple of years and continue to thrive and achieve their goals and ambitions.  As I addressed our 2019 graduates recently during the commencement ceremony, I was reminded of the tenacity and the resiliency of our students.  They are the standard-bearers of a long tradition of overcoming obstacles and prejudices—of proving them all wrong!  I was awed by the residency programs and specialties that our graduates matched into and the sheer number of proud faces I saw in the audience.

Looking back, the latest iteration of the RUSM Alumni Council has set high standards for future achievements and collaborations with the inspired and motivated staff at the Alumni Office.  Hosting students on the interview trail, holding mock interviews, taking headshots for the ERAS application, and matching students with specialty-specific mentors are few of the many initiatives that the Alumni Council implemented during my tenure.  We’ve received positive and excellent feedback from students and we will continue to tweak and tinker to provide a better service for our students.

The Alumni Council is made up of volunteers.  We are all RUSM alumni at various stages of our careers who give up precious vacation time to serve.  We all do it willingly and gladly because we feel a sense of loyalty and gratitude to the opportunities that Ross has given us.  At various intervals during our time at RUSM, we all had similar frustrations. Serving on the Alumni Council gave us a venue and forum to address and fix those issues and provide a better learning environment for those coming after us.  We are all proud graduates of RUSM.  We have all achieved what some thought was impossible.  I hope you will join us and volunteer some of your precious time to pay it forward.  Mentor a student, sponsor a 4th year on the interview trail, or serve on the Council.  We are grateful for anything or any time you can contribute.

This is not a good bye as I will continue to serve and contribute. Because every time I step foot into the operating suite, I am reminded of all the naysayers and the doubters who stood in my way, and of the faculty and students at RUSM who provided the means for me to prove them all wrong! Please take a moment to consider what you can contribute. We are proud of all that you have accomplished, but nothing feels sweeter than when you can lift someone else up.

Sincerely yours,

Ray S. King, MD, PhD, FACS, FASCRS
RUSM Class of 2010
Asst. Professor of Surgery
Department of Surgery
Division of Colorectal Surgery
University of Wisconsin-Madison
School of Medicine and Public Health



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