Alumni Association Council

RUSM Alumni Association

Alumni Association Council

The mission of the RUSM Alumni Association is to support Ross University School of Medicine in realizing its vision to be a premiere institution of academic health programs; provide advocacy and goodwill on behalf of the University within local, national and international medical communities and the public; and promote fellowship among the alumni, faculty, and students of the University.

Alumni Ambassador Program

The Office of Alumni Relations is proud to offer constituents of RUSM with the opportunity to connect with our distinguished alumni population. Through this program, our alumni are able to inspire others in a variety of ways including sharing their own personal stories, offering insight on how to navigate the challenges of medical school and beyond, and providing advocacy for their fellow peers.

Admissions Ambassador

Share your profession achievements with prospective students through programs hosted by the Office of Admissions. Hosted all year round, alumni will have the opportunity to provide words of encouragement at Ross Experience events, new student mixers, conference/career panels, and regional campus visits. Alumni can also converse with prospective students who have specific questions regarding the program via email or phone.

On-Campus Programming

Impart your wealth of knowledge on the next generation of RUSM trained physicians through the University’s on-campus programming. These programs are divided into the three segments of the student lifecycle: Basic Sciences. From day 1, students are exposed to the robust support structure offered by the alumni population, as they are greeted by Alumni Orientation Ambassadors. Our alumni are also present at the culmination of their education, welcoming them to the Alumni Association at the end of the Commencement Ceremony.

Profiles And Marketing Initiatives

RUSM’s strength is directly tied to the outcomes of its alumni population. Help us promote the professional achievements of our graduates by participating in regional marketing campaigns, local media requests and monthly profiles.

Alumni Association

Stay connected to RUSM and our 15,000+ graduates through the Alumni Association. The group’s purpose is to support the

University through advocacy within the medical community, as well as promote fellowship amongst all constituents of RUSM. Those who seek a leadership role for the Alumni Association will have an opportunity through the Alumni Council, the group’s governing body.

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