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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

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  • Is Ross accredited and by whom?
  • Are the accreditation standards for Ross comparable to US medical schools?
  • Is Ross accredited by a US accreditor?
  • Can Ross graduates practice in the United States?
  • Can I be licensed outside of the United States?
  • How many current & former graduates attained residency positions in 2019?
  • What support does Ross provide students in obtaining a residency?
  • Where is the Ross pre-clinical campus?
  • What were the USMLE Step 1 first-time pass rates in 2018?
  • What is Ross's retention rate for students who started between 2013 - 2016?

Admissions FAQ

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  • When should I submit my application for Admissions?
  • What do I need to submit my application?
  • How do I submit an application for admission?
  • Are applicants granted interviews?
  • What percentage of applicants are granted interviews?
  • What is the tuition at RUSM?
  • How do I find out about Financial Aid options for Ross?
  • Are RUSM students eligible to receive US federal direct student loans?
  • What financial aid options are available to Canadians?
  • What percentage of RUSM students receive financial aid?
  • Does RUSM offer any scholarships?
  • What is the Medical Education Readiness Program?
  • Can I apply directly to MERP?
  • How do I find more information about MERP?

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